Hello, I am Mary Lissy Padrón

Welcome to my website. Here I share articles about Business, Projects and Competences Development and Management. Also abut my hobbies: Fine foods, wine and traveling. So, go check what I have.

Business Development and Management

Through managing expectations and developing business solutions for organizations. Devise effective business plans to generate more revenue, increase brand loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.

Projects Development and Management

Start, plan, execute, controll, and complete the work with a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. Work with temporary efforts designed to produce a product or service with a defined schedule goals and objectives in order ly to bring improvements or added value.

Competence Development and Management

Identify the necessary skills a staff needs to achieve certain business objectives. Provide training solutions to develop those competences. Measure the effectiveness of career paths implemented.

A little bit about my work

I am a Mechanical Engineer. I have made a Master in Business Administration in IESA. Right now I am studying an International Business Master in the Florida International University, USA.

Mary Lissy Padrón in a Mack Volvo Truck
Mary Lissy Padrón while living in Spain

Also, I find time for...

I love fine foods, wine, exercising and traveling. In this photo I am at El Torcal, which is a stone formation in Andalusia, while the time I was living in Spain.

Let's get in contact

So glad to hear about you! Just write down what you want and I will be in contact as soon as posible.